It’s a universal fact that the world revolves around coffee, but why does it never taste as good at home? Regular coffee pots just don’t cut it anymore in the world of caffeine beverages and it’s time for an upgrade. What’s the solution to your joe woes? The French Press. That’s right, this little coffee and tea maker is a blast from past and the new wave of the java future. No need to pay for your trendy 100-dollar coffee from overpriced java joints 10 miles from your house so you can feel like one of the cool kids. Make yourself an authentic homemade cup of French pressed coffee and upload a picture of it to the internet. The kids will dig it and it’s way more hipster.

The French press allows you to make a flavorful cup of coffee from the comfort of your own home. Nearly all of these little coffee pumpers are easy to use and to clean. They come in many different sizes and materials, so you can have one that’s just right for you. Serve up friends and family with a larger press or make yourself the perfect cup with the single serving size. Many of the French presses available are reasonably priced and are backed by warranties. If you’re ready for a coffee upgrade, trade in your old pot for a French press.

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