And so it begins, the great robot battle of our time. Drones: you know them, you love them, you might be scared to death of them, but eitherway drones have become synonomous with breathtaking video footage and also hellfire missiles. But the drones I’ll be droning on about today – aced it! – are the first sort, the good sort, the future is bright and robots are our friends sort. The others, well, we’ll let history review those – Winnie Churchill once said: “history is written by the victors”, so it’s dollars to donuts that review will be written in binary. But Skynet jokes aside, video drones can be incredibly useful and preposterously fun for just about everyone. Whether you’re a Hollywood cinematographer with a tight budget and a tough shot or a wedding photog trying to spice up your reel, the right video drone can be the answer to your prayers. But even putting professional applications aside, these little video-copters are a hobbyists dream come true. Whether you spend fifty bucks or fifteen hundred, whether you want to film a family bbq or just race around the skies, the right drone can be your best friend. So come along and take a peek at the great grandparents of our future robot overlords, here are the top 10 best drones on the market today.

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